Welcome to Temesi Váradi Law Office.

Temesi Váradi Law Offfice was founded in 1998.
Our main intention is to provide a range of high-standard legal services for our clients.

Our Law Office can be achieved in internet from September 2007.

Areas of expertise

Our firm focuses its practice on common law and corporate law which can cover the general corporate advising also. We are preparing different agreements, take part in legal representation in trials or other procedures in front of court and administrative procedures; furthermore we assume the defence in criminal trials.

Corporate Law:

  • Incorporation
  • Deed of partnership, create memorandum of association, modification
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Legal representation in front of Court of Registration

Legal services on a regular basis:

  • Due diligence
  • Agreement processing
  • Signing system processing, registering
  • SOX in law
  • Labour law advice, legal representation in trials
  • Legal representation and advising in case of civil law, labour law and corporate law with the possibility of blanket rate
  • Active debts recovery form preparing, sending, legal representation in trials, liquidation process starting

Civil Law:

  • Contract preparation
  • Report on agreement
  • Legal representation in trials
  • legal representation in real property business transaction (mortgage, hire)
  • Advising and preparation of Supply and Fright contracts
  • Advising in case of foreign trade agreement
  • Advising in EU law
  • Advices in case of credit with real assets coverage

Criminal Law:

  • Defence in criminal trials – investigation, pending in court
  • Meditation

Real estate:

  • Sale and purchase of real estate
  • Advising for propoerty’s business
  • Real estate broker activity
  • More: ingatlan.drtemesi.hu


Our Office of Law gives advices or legal representing for hourly wage or fixed rates.

In case of legal representation in trials and other procedures in front of court we are counting with the percentage of proceeding value.

We inform our clients about the approximate minimal time we need for trials, if client chooses the hourly wage.

We are invoicing all the additional costs (e.g. fee, interpreting, etc.) over the wage.

Attorneys at Law

Office establisher and chief attorney at law:

Kaiserné dr. Temesi Rita
specialized lawyer in foreign trade and EU law

Csemáné dr. Váradi Erika PhD
Docent at University of Miskolc ÁJK Criminal Sciences Institute
specialized lawyer in foreign trade


Temesi Váradi Attorneys at Law
3525 Miskolc, Széchenyi István Street 21-23. II./2.

Kaiserné dr. Temesi Rita:
Tel: +36 46 504 941
Fax: +36 46 504 941
Mobil: +36 30 938 6273
Mobil: +36 30 411 3022

Csemáné dr. Váradi Erika PhD:
Tel: +36 46 565 111 / 1073 mellék
Fax: +36 46 565 179
Mobil: +36 20 911 5013